The Mistake

Why am I feeling like this way?
I can’t take ye out of my mind.
I tried myself not to remember ye,
But my sense keeps on uplifting the memories we had.

I miss you, very much.
I love you, so much.
But everytime I look at myself in the mirror,
I see the useless and worthless per.

I love seeing your pictures, our pictures.
Then I realized how crummy and lousy I am.
And these, these breaks my heart into pieces,
’cause no one likes me and I know, no one will ever like and love me.

I am brainless.
I am a fat tall ugly duckling!
I don’t deserve anything in this world.
I am just an unimportant one, that has no rights in this elysium world!

Guess what?
I regret it! I regret it! Damn it!
It was a mistake! A huge mistake!
I shouldn’t have done those things to you.

Though believe me, I tried!
I really tried and even forced myself,
Just to forget you but I’m sorry I failed.
My feelings grow bigger and stronger

A Poem To The Man Who Will Never Be Mine

I miss your eyes covered by eyeglasses!
I miss your sweet manly voice!
I miss your pedantic answers!
I miss your presence!
I miss your smile!
I miss how rigorous you are!
I miss how scary you were because of being strict!
I miss the awkwardness I felt!
I miss the way you cared!
I miss the comfort you offered!
I miss being so weird!
I miss being unimpeachable when I’m with you!
I miss every piece of you!
I miss staring at you secretly!
I miss your calls!
I miss your texts!
I miss the conversations!
I miss how you build me up!
I miss you more than the words I can say!

Tell me please,
When am I going to see you again?

Since then until now, I wish to hold those hands of yours with no limits.

(But sadly, it is impossible to happen)